Saturday, June 15, 2013

Very dear TWS community, I would like to give you some ideas about practicing Spanish during summer time and perhaps even beyond. I Spanish night, where all the family makes an effort to tell all the words you know in Spanish. It is easier if you cook or go to a Mexican restaurant. Need ideas please look into this blog, there is a long list of house, cooking vocabulary. II Spanish word of the day. Select a word all the family uses all day, look for the translation and during all day everyone makes the effort to said it in the needed context. "Pablo, give me the pot, POR FAVOR." III Get a famous Hispanic singer you like and hear the songs, perhaps even sing along. IV While playing scrabble, use words in Spanish too! V For those children that are going to 3rd grade and those who will be in 4th grade and beyond, a new notebook is vital! They can write what they did during the past year and keep fresh for August. I specially recommend to read and study their notebooks, if you have not received your child's Spanish notebook, please call the school, the teacher, they will make arrangements to mail it to you if you ask. VI As a family make a poem of our beautiful desert, Tucson, weather, etc. using as many words as you know in group. Then, what about a nice water color to go with it? VII So important to have at least one word with each letter, if your children know one what about two, or three... VIII Sing, sing, sing to your heart content. There are all the songs I have though in this blog, just a little search in the title of the year your child was on. IX Challenge your self and enjoy an audio book in Spanish, specially a book you had read before, just for 5 minutes or so at the time. X Talk, talk, talk! Anything, any word, any time.... Happy oh, very so happy summer to all of you my families and friends. XOOXOOXO SRA. Salazar

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In stead of TV

Dear TWS community,

I hope you like the following links, it can help very much to all of us trying to avoid media,

Happy no TV days!
much love

Señora Salazar

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Un poema

Vive tu tiempo

Date tiempo para trabajar, es el precio del triunfo
Date tiempo para pensar, es la fuente del poder
Date tiempo para jugar, es el tiempo de la juventud
Date tiempo para leer, es el tiempo de la sabiduria
Date tiempo de ser amigo, es el camino de la felicidad
Date tiempo para soñar, es atar tu carreta a una estrella
Date tiempo para amar y ser amado, es el privilegio de Dios
Date tiempo para mirar a tu alrededor,
el día es muy corto para ser egoista.

Monday, March 15, 2010

El caracol (Poema)

Aquel caracol
que va por el sol
en cada antenita
llevaba una flor
que viva la gracia
que viva el amor
que viva la gracia
de aquel caracol.

Pajarito (w/ sign language)

Pajarito prisionero
cantando en la tarde
triste su cancion.

Gracias Brialle!

Tierra Roja (Song -SING!)

Tierra roja, tierra de fuego
Tierra roja, tierra de fuego

Tierra, tierra, tierra iluminada,
Tierra roja bajo el cielo azul.